St. Joseph/St.John 8-MILE Hike

This is our 8-mile tourist hike option and is suggested for those:

1. who have some experience hiking before
2. can move a little faster than the "average" hiker
3. do not want to stop (for photos or rest breaks)
3. just want to see more and dont mind paying a little extra to do so

you can click on the small images below to see larger versions of the photos

The hike starts from the Bathsheba Community Centre in Bathsheba, St. Joseph and proceeds along the rugged East Coast through Tent Bay

Barbados - Bird Rock [Dsc_5091] Hike Barbados [Dsc00447] Hike Barbados [Dsc00446]

The hike continues on along the coast through Martins Bay (8-mile distance option)

Barbados - Dragon Rock [Dsc_5120] Hike Barbados [Dsc00466] Barbados - Sun Streams [Dsc_5148] Hike Barbados - garden-of-eden [Dsc00624] Barbados - Fish Rock [Dsc_5149] Barbados - Martins Bay [Dsc_5156] Barbados - Martins Bay [Dsc_5163]

The hike turns inland at Congor Rocks and heads into Newcastle.... we pass a spring (clorination station) and head into the jungle (8-mile distance option)

Barbados Hiking [Dsc00569] Hike Barbados [Dsc00679]

The hike proceeds through the jungle where you see the giant macaw palm, sandbox and almond trees

Barbados Student Hike [Dsc_3873] Barbados Student Hike [Dsc_3875] Barbados - Sandbox Tree [Dsc00741] Barbados - Macaw Palm trunk [Dsc_5212]

We ascend Hackleton's Cliff by way of the Monkey-Jump Crevice and we pause for a rest break and photo stop at the Cliff Top

Barbados - Hackletons Cliff - Monkey Jump Crevice Barbados Hiking - Monkey Jump Crevice Barbados Student Hike [Dsc_3885] Barbados - Monkey-Jump Crevice [Dsc_5217] Barbados - Photo of me [Dsc_5232]

we then proceed through rural village and farmlands to the Vault, where we take in the view and have another rest break

we then descend through the jungle where you can see the dwellings of the bushmen .... and back to the Bathsheba Community Centre from where we started

Living in the Jungle of Barbados [Dsc00694]

Distance: 8 miles

Time: 4 hours of hiking + 1 hour transportation + plus half hour for photos/ rest stops/ water breaks = 5.5 to 6 hours total time

Pricing: HERE

SPECIAL NOTE: you can make the decision whether you wish 6 or 8 miles WHILE ON THE HIKE..... you DO NOT have to decide before the hike.

Contact Information:

Email to: hikebarbados@yahoo.com

Stephen Mendes                        Tel: (246) 230-4818
Doverdale, Nelson Road                     (246) 228-3331
Navy Garderns, Christ Church